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  • Personal Info
Nickname: .øp^ shearfear Clanmember
Status: offline
Usertitle: Administrator
Contact: n/a
Homepage: http://www.vexed.vip
Real Name: Chris
Gender: male
Age: 29.03.1990 (34 years)
Location: United Kingdom Devon
Registered since: 25.05.2016 - 22:38
Last Login: 06.07.2021 - 12:10

  • About
I used to be a very active and competitive gamer in COD4 throwing my life away racking up over 6000 recorded hours (xfire) in the scene playing in tournaments, ladders, night cups, scrims, esl, etc and then moving on to CSGO where I reached Global Elite skill level competitively, wasting a further 4100+ hours according to Steam.

At the time when I was a full time gamer my life wasn't great and I went through some hard times as most of us do growing up. I've now changed my life around and I am much happier in myself and feel a great sense of achievement for where I am now. My life now revolves around horses and 400 acres of land, depression is now a thing of the past and I have a totally different outlook on life.

I took a long break (couple years) from PC during the transformation between depressed gamer and horse trainer, and had recently decided to come back to pc and start a small squad called OnPoint that will focus on the delta force series of games. This is a completely different level of gaming to what I am used to but its a much more fun and friendly environment. Casual level gaming is more fun that's for sure. I spend no where near the time I used to (not that I even have the time to spare now lol). Just the odd hour or two usually in the evenings every other day when possible and that's good enough for me.

I created the squad because I always had a passion for delta force when i was growing up and loved the community. I wanted to give something back even tho its a small community, I now host 2 servers in DF2 and 2 servers in DFLW to provide us extra places to play and different maps to keep delta force going all these years later. It's nice to feel a part of a group / team in Delta Force so that's what I did, I come back an created a squad then began recruiting players and here we are smiling We have some real good nights playing df together, so much nostalgia from 'the old days' I am glad to see df2 / dflw is still alive after all these years and it seems our numbers are actually increasing as time goes on!

  • The Steam-Community

  • Clan / Equipment
Clan: OnPoint-eSports (.øp^)
(HP: http://onpoint-esports.org/)
Irc-Channel: n/a
Clan-History: =Ke1= / øm / Ðr• / Le| / etc (DF2)
CPU: i7-9700K @5.0 Ghz
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO
RAM: Adata XPG Spectrix D41 RGB 16GB 3000MHz
Monitor: BenQ 144hz 1ms
Graphics card: 2x EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Black
Soundcard: n/a
I-Connection: Fibre Optic - 250mb / 150mb
Keyboard: Fnatic Rush
Mouse: Glorious Model O
Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK+ Fnatic Edition
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