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registered: 27.12.2022
27.12.2022, 10:08 offline quote 

Face id can help you to unlock your phone quickly and with more ease. If your face id not working on your phone then, don’t panic just follow these steps to resolve this error.

1. Check your face configurations with the phone
2. Clean the face id sensors and camera
3. Make sure your face not hiding from the camera
4. Give all the necessary permissions to your face id unlocker
5. Update your phone with its latest version

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registered: 08.12.2022
24.01.2023, 12:39 offline quote 

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registered: 20.04.2023
20.04.2023, 19:54 offline quote 

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registered: 09.11.2023
09.11.2023, 10:44 offline quote 

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registered: 19.09.2023
10.11.2023, 06:19 offline quote 

First, make sure the true depth camera is clear and unobstructed. Additionally, make sure your device is running the latest version of iOS.

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TeoZ smird
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registered: 26.12.2023
26.12.2023, 10:44 offline quote 

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registered: 26.12.2023
26.12.2023, 11:46 offline quote 

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registered: 24.01.2024
24.01.2024, 07:10 offline quote 

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registered: 25.01.2024
25.01.2024, 10:33 offline quote 

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02.02.2024, 07:49 offline quote 

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