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date: 01.04.2017
game / squad: OnPoint DFLW
opponent: .dk. / Deadly Killers
league: OnPoint-eSports [matchlink]
maps: Dune City, Eternal Equinox, Kings Court
map result
Dune City 1 :
Eternal Equinox : 1
Kings Court : 1
total 1 : 2
.øp^ team: .øp^ shearfear, .Sk-, alipalix
.dk. team: os, 17, nub, 54, mush
server: OP vs DK
hltv server:
First map on dune city was a close one, and could have gone either way. Luckily we took the win by killing their 3 zoners in the last 2 seconds whilst we remained in the zone, they had more time so if we didn't pull that off we definitely would have lost!

Second map on Eternal equinox was a battle, with trade kills happening left right and centre. Inside the pyramid at zone was hard for both teams to take control of. Towards the end of the map we managed to clear out the zone within the pyramid with seconds remaining but I assume they had a zoner ontop of the pyramid because they still had 1 zoner remaining and they took the win!

The third map was Kings Court, I personally wish the game went on longer seemed around 6mins or something. The map was over very fast, but during that time we tried hard to get control of the zone but dk had alot of our players pinned down in the spawn preventing us access to the center of map. We did manage to kill some zoners but -os from DK was like a ghost, he was nowhere to be found. He stayed and camped out the zone clocking up 4mins 29 secs of zone time in what seemed like 1 sitting with a kill-death of 1-1.

By DK winning the third map on Kings Court, they take home the Win with a final score of 1-2 loss for OnPoint.
Thanks for a great match guys, the skill level felt very even and fair it was a great battle! Hopefully we can arrange some more in the future, it was so much better playing with recoil and sway on. A real test of individual player skill.


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#1 by oneil 26.05.2019 - 09:07
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Good games OP. Been a while since this match and honestly, it's probably the last organized match played in LW history.

It's sad to see the game in this state, but that's the way things go sometimes. Hope all is well on the OP front. If you guys want to get another friendly match in (or just enough guys to fill a server for some fun) don't be shy to reach out.

Miss the games, the game play and the community,

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